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Full width at half maximum is an expression of the extent of a function, given by the difference between the two extreme values of the independent variable at which the dependent variable is equal to half of its maximum value. Half width at half maximum is half of the FWHM. FWHM is applied to such phenomena as the duration of pulse waveforms and the spectral width of sources used for optical communications and the resolution of spectrometers. The term full duration at half maximum is preferred when the independent variable is time. The convention of "width" meaning "half maximum" is also widely used in signal processing to define bandwidth as "width of frequency range where less than half the signal's power is attenuated", i.e., the power is at least half the maximum. In signal processing terms, this is at most −3 dB of attenuation, called "half power point". If the considered function is the normal distribution of the form where is the standard deviation and can be any value, then the relationship between FWHM and the standard deviation is In spectroscopy half the width at half maximum, HWHM, is in common use.
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