Jalna district (/m/05n5qh)

Jalna district is an administrative district in the state of Maharashtra in western India. Jalna town is the district headquarters. The district is part of Aurangabad division. The district occupies an area of 7718 km². It has total 970 villages. The district is bounded on the north by Jalgaon district, on the east by Parbhani district and Buldhana district, on the south by Beed district and on the west by Aurangabad district. The district is known for Jamb village, the birthplace of Samarth Ramdas Swami. The Battle of Assaye was fought on September 23, 1803 near the village of Assaye located near Jafrabad in this district. Geographical location of the district is 19.01' N - 21.03'N and 75.04'E - 76.04'E.
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