Asplundia (/m/02q4xvw)

Asplundia is a genus of plants belonging to the family Cyclanthaceae. They are distributed in the Neotropic ecozone from southern Mexico to southern Brazil. Asplundia acuminata - Peru Asplundia ahlneri - Colombia Asplundia alata - from Costa Rica to Peru Asplundia albicarpa - from Costa Rica to Ecuador Asplundia allenii - Panama Asplundia altiscandens - NW Brazil Asplundia antioquiae - Colombia Asplundia aulacostigma - Ecuador Asplundia aurantiaca - from Nicaragua to Ecuador Asplundia brachyphylla - Guianas Asplundia brachypus - S Brazil Asplundia brasiliensis - Amazonas in Brazil Asplundia brunneistigma - Costa Rica, Panama Asplundia cabrerae - Colombia, Ecuador Asplundia caput-medusae - Venezuela Asplundia cayapensis - Ecuador Asplundia ceci Costa Rica, Colombia Asplundia clementinae - Ecuador Asplundia cupulifera - Colombia, Ecuador Asplundia cuspidata - Ecuador Asplundia cymbispatha - Bolivia Asplundia divergens - NW Brazil Asplundia domingensis - Ecuador Asplundia dussii - Lesser Antilles Asplundia ecuadoriensis - from Panama to Peru Asplundia euryspatha - Costa Rica, Panama Asplundia ewanii - Colombia, Ecuador Asplundia fagerlindii - Ecuador
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